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The founder of six biggest clubs in premier league

The English Premier League is the most watched league in the World according to the reports. They're 20 teams in the competition and 6 clubs are considered as BIG SIX. These include Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester city.

Many of you are familiar with these clubs as they have a lot of Football fans and supporters around the World.

Many people ask which club is the oldest and when were these clubs found? Here is the list of the big six clubs in England according from the first one to be found to the least.

#1. Manchester United 1878

The first name was Newton Heath L&YR football club in 1878 and was at Newton Heath. It was in 1902 , when the name was changed to Manchester United football club, 8 years later, the club moved to the current home stadium old Trafford. It was founded by the Company called Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. According to the statistics , Man United has more fans and supporters than any other in the premier League.

#2. Manchester city 1880

First was called St. Mark and later in 1894 was changed to Manchester City. They moved to their current home stadium, Etihad in 2003. In 1981 it was relegated and in the 2001/2002 season they regained promotion to premier League. Manchester City have received a lot of investment after the takeover by Abu Dhabi United Group.

#3. Tottenham Hotspur 1882

It was founded by a group of schoolboys who were led by Bobby Buckle and the name Tottenham Hotspur was given in 1884. After some years, the club was sold to the new owner , ENIC GROUP. According to the statistics in 2020 , Tottenham was the 9th highest earning football club in the world.

#4. Arsenal 1886

The Arsenal football club was first known as Dial Square and was formed by David Danskm and his fellow workers, it has gone under name revolutions till finally was changed to as it is known today, Arsenal football club. The club went through a crisis such bankrupt and also during world war ii , the club was suspended for about seven years.

#5. LIVERPOOL 1992

The club was founded by John Houlding after he had a disagreement with the Everton committee. Liverpool's home is Anfield stadium which has seating capacity of 53,393 and according to the statistics it is the seventh largest stadium in England.

Liverpool is one of most supported clubs in the world, as they won the people's hearts. The club's anthem or motto is you'll never walk alone

#6. Chelsea 1905

Most known as people call it the pride of London, Chelsea FC was founded by Henry Augustus Mears. Before it was named Chelsea but before that names like Stamford bridge FC , London FC and Kensington FC were proposed. The current stadium is Stamford bridge which is Fulham's and has a capacity of 40, 341.

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